Solution Vs. Problem Thinking WHen Creating a world in which people want to belong



we've got problems.

It cannot be denied

But here's the thing, understanding your problems is interesting. We can talk about problems till the cows come home, we can talk about it until, if we are lucky the problem some how resolves itself, but that doesn't mean we are creating the outcomes we want. 

Problem thinking is interesting. Solution thinking is useful. 

For the past year I have realized that the strongest pull of my heart is to contribute to help create a world in which people want to belong. 

I have also witnessed this past year how much people are identifying the things that are preventing them from experiencing belonging in this world. 

What are the problems in this world that make it someplace I do NOT want to belong or keeps me from feeling I belonging even when I want to? This question has me searching for the problems. This question may be interesting but not necessarily useful. 

This webinar will teach you how to redirect your attention toward creating what you WANT; how to create solutions focus when it seems like problems are flying at you from every direction. 

What if 2017 is the year where the BIG SHIFT HAPPENS and your life and your world starts to truly change for the better? Weird huh? But do you believe you are meant to be part of the solution? Come discover how to make that happen. 

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