Getting away from your daily routine and coming together with others can lead to some of life's most impactful changes. Great coaching is about being seen and understood and the impact can grow exponentially in an in-person group if the space is held consciously, intentionally, and skillfully. These in-person intensives are all designed to use the power of a groups to increase results, to push our "learning-edge" just enough, and to inspire transformation. 

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"Your body is on your side" 

retreat & coaching intensive


Your body seeks survival, health, and to serve your soul as it expresses itself through you. When your decisions or circumstances are in conflict with the body's agenda the body will speak through symptoms.

The purpose of this 3-day intensive is to help you to discover where your beliefs, goals, and behaviors are in conflict with your soul's journey and the life that wants to be expressed through you and through your body.

You will discover new possibilities for relating to your body and, if you do not know how yet, you will learn how to love your body as it is, right now, without needing to be different. 

"The Sunday 'Slow Down' Mindfulness retreat

May 20th 2018



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"S.e.e." Sex education & erotic education

Retreat for couples


The 3-day Sex Education and Erotic Exploration Retreat for couples combines factual-scientifically proven insights into human sexuality with dynamic philosophies, approaches,  tools and exercises for couples to explore and develop their ways of relating physically and sexually, as well as emotionally, spiritually, and as partners sharing a path on life's journey. 

The emphasis is on sex, but as we explore the often loaded topic of sex we learn about our communication and trust, how we relate to our bodies, how we interact as archetypes with the world around us, and how we can choose what we manifest in the world.