Hello all you bright minds from Sales School!

First of all, I want you to know, I am honored that you are here. 

I am Sarah Reed, founder of Sarah Reed Coaching. 

I worked with Kendrick privately and I know she attracts people who are smart, ambitious, and who take action. It is a joy to offer my resources to help you achieve success in your business. 

 As promised here are some fantastic tools for developing healthy boundaries in your business.

These tools will help you to...

  • Have more influence
  • Be a leader for your clients
  • Get paid what you deserve

Watch the video above or simply read on...

PDF: "Exploring Healthy Boundaries in Your Business"

This is 7 page worksheet designed to help you get clear on your plans and preferences so that you can set expectations with clients. Knowing the expectations you are setting is one way to define your boundaries. The clarity you will develop from going through this worksheet will help you build trust which is the secret sauce to fantastic client relationships!

Sometimes not having clear boundaries has nothing to do with being a "push-over" or a "hard a$$." Instead it can simply indicate that you haven't yet decided to draw limits and it wasn't until someone crossed them that you discovered where they were.

This tool provides you with the opportunity to look at boundaries with a high level of forethought so whether you have a firm or more flexible boundary around something is a decision you have consciously made. 


LONG VERSION: Click the button to your right to access the LONG VERSION of the Boundaries Meditation. This recording is a little over 25 minutes but it will really help to calm and center you AND, more importantly, it will give you great tools for establishing your boundaries on an "energetic" level. 

SHORT VERSION: Click the button to your right to access the SHORT VERSION of the Boundaries Meditation. This recording is just about 6 minutes long and is something you can quickly reference as you practice building energetic boundaries. 

Deep Coaching Conversation:

Let me use my energy in service of you and your goals. 

  • Are you constantly trying to "manage" the mental junk that's coming up?
  • Do you catch yourself saying "I can't, I'm afraid, I still hate selling."
  • Are you in "compare and despair," thinking everyone else but you has found success?

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