I help people who are called to live an extraordinary life and that have a big vision but don't know why they aren't doing it. Together we figure out what's getting in their way and how to make it happen.  

  • Do you lay awake feeling like you "just can't do this anymore"? It's almost like a sense of panic, the clock is ticking and your life is   not IT,   not THERE,   MISSING THE KEY PIECES that   IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL
  • How much of your day is spent regretting,  worrying that you've got it wrong,  afraid that you won't ever know what it could have beenlike?
  • CAN YOU SENSE the relationship between what you think, what you believe, and what you experience, but you aren't happy with what you are getting?

There is a better way.

What if I showed you how to...

  • shift your thoughts and beliefs just enough to create the kind of change that makes your dreams possible?
  • break free from worry, self-judgment, and the stories that tell you it can happen for everyone else, but not you. 
  • create impact, meaning, and the kind of life you have always felt truly called to live.

Deep shift coaching is the work that releases the suffocating grip you use to choke down your deepest desires and dreams for your life.

What happens in the 3 Month Deep Coaching Series that takes you from an "ordinary" life to an "extraordinary" life is...

  • We will create a clear vision of what is possible when you release your "story" of why it can't happen for you so you know how to think and what to DO to experience THE SHIFT
  • You will  wake every morning with an inspirational message from me, reminding you (lest you try to forget) that you are committed to this work of transformation and impact. 
  • We will GO DEEP through 3 monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions to UPDATE YOUR BELIEFS so that they create the results you WANT
  • Through virtually unlimited access to me via email and text, we will keep you playing a bigger game, TAKING ACTION, and SEEING RESULTS

Maybe there is a dream waiting to come true and you've tried before, but you've never given it a fighting chance.

What makes me the one who can do what you and maybe a crowd of coaches haven't been able to do?

The answer is that I've been there baby!

  • After working as a stripper and selling popcorn at a movie theatre, I served on the Board of Directors for 2 multi-million dollar worker cooperatives in San Francisco
  • I was told I wasn't a good singer and I believed it for over a decade until I finally found my voice and have been called "the quintessential female garage rock vocalist," and have toured with my music idols.
  • They say you've got to go to film school to make a movie; with my best friend I wrote, directed, edited and released a feature length film shot on Super-8 with a rockin' soundtrack released on Kill Rock Stars Records, and then sat next to a music legend from the 1970's New York punk scene as it screened in San Francisco.
  • After years of claiming I just messed around with music, I proved feelings can speak louder than "chops". I lead a SOULFUL 10 piece band with 3 CHOREOGRAPHED vocalists in sequins and smokin' horn and rhythm sections.
  • After decades of giving up romance and "settling" in relationships, I married the man of my dreams and have a beautiful child and a life I LOVE!



My clients know that I am not invested in their story. I listen, I am compassionate, but I will not allow you to make excuses.

 "Sarah was able to grab on to my most potent ideas, my biggest work, yank it by the tail, and sit it down in front of us, with a ferocity that THIS is now to be the reality. She was able to sense the smallest, dwindling ember inside, gasping away for oxygen. She made that spark of desire a reality…in spite of my sometimes, insistent kicking and screaming. She saw what was begging to be brought out into a big, beautiful, raging fire. And then the shift happened, I felt it too."  -Jennifer M.

"(Sarah) had laser focus when we worked together, and I felt truly seen and heard. She guided me head-on and heart-into clarity regarding the biggest question of my life... what is my true purpose here? Like a momma bird swooping down to feed her young, Sarah gently and directly swooped in and fed my soul with insight into my beliefs and values, my capabilities, my identity and my true mission on this planet." --Jennifer Zlacket Coach and Owner LOVE WORKS


The Investment: $2800

I am not going to wait to tell you what your financial investment is. I trust that if you are ready to take these steps and truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your life then the financial commitment makes perfect sense to you.


At one time I would not have paid my current fee of$2800 for coaching. Now that I know what I am capable of with the right guidance, support, and stretch, I pay tens of thousands. 



If you are ready for this level of work and personal growth, let's start with a conversation. Click here to schedule time to discover the crossroads where you choose SOMETHING DIFFERENT that makes it ALL POSSIBLE.