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Often when it's time to get to work on something important or to connect to the most powerful parts of yourself for any reason, it can be very useful to stop, slow down and get grounded. That's why I created this "Balance Meditation." Keep this link handy so you can listen to it before facing a difficult challenge or embarking on intense or focused work and you will find yourself grounded, more able to access your creativity and RELAXED. 

Meditation LISTEN HERE


"THe OWN your life-video mini course on Autonomy"

This is just a taste of what you will find in the full video course and once you gain access to the full course you automatically access all future updates and bonuses. There is a lot of great opportunities for you to develop a greater sense of mastery over your life with this short mini-course though, so enjoy! (Click the image to watch the video.)


Mini course Video 1

What does it mean to "Own Your LIfe"? Have you secretly given your power to someone or something else? What can you do so YOU call the shots?




What's the real problem with blame? How can you be the owner of your life and still maintain meaningful connections with others and be a part of community?


coming soon

coming soon




Highlights and Secrets from the full "Own Your LIfe Course." Like opening a box of rare gems... get dazzled!


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  • Are you constantly trying to "manage" the mental junk that's coming up?
  • Do you catch yourself saying "I can't, I'm afraid, I still seem to dread my next action step."
  • Are you in "compare and despair," thinking everyone else but you has found success?

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