3 Reasons to Avoid The Status Quo Reason 3: Trying to stay safe by staying the same doesn’t work and it keeps you stuck

Many of us get stuck thinking we’ve got it pretty good and if we can somehow manage to continue without changing a thing, we will continue to roll blissfully along. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, the universe doesn’t work like that. We are here learning and growing and we change, whether we like it or not. 


People are often afraid of change because of the “what if I fail syndrome” There is no such thing as failure, only the feedback that allows you to course correct what’s not working. 


What if instead of being afraid of “what if I fail” you asked yourself, “what if I don’t try it?” (whatever IT is for you.)  I bet many of you feel a tightness in your throat and for a split second are overcome with a passion to make a change. 


It’s not easy to invite the unknown into your life and say, “hey, let’s kick it stranger,” but it’s gonna come knocking whether you welcome it or not. In the meantime, I suggest you tell the overly familiar status quo to get up off it’s big fat rusty dusty so you can make some changes around the place. 


Tell me below, where do you need to grow? What are the changes you’ve been avoiding? And where do you love to be different or unpredictable?