About Sarah Reed


You never believed it was possible, except somewhere, deep down, you wanted to believe it was, and now you KNOW, IT'S POSSIBLE!

I help extraordinary women who are struggling with their health, mood, and energy and who need someone who can show them that it is possible to change without having to THINK about BEING DIFFERENT. 

Often, when I meet a powerful and capable woman who is struggling with their health what I often hear is that they feel

  • "out of their league" or "not good enough"
  • "afraid" (sometimes "terrified")
  • "overwhelmed" or "tired" or "sick" 
  • confused about what it is they "must be doing wrong"

And let's be real, although it's not uncommon, this is a tough way to live!

I want you to break free of from the challenges that are stopping you from living the life you WANT to live and I have amazing tools to help you to do it. 

What this means is that when we work together you can count on me to...

  • help you discover what you need to get your health back on track.
  • believe deeply and powerfully in what you are capable of achieving.
  • respect your innate as well as developed mastery, i.e. I TRUST that you can do it!
  • call out the old stories and disempowering beliefs that are holding you hostage
  • guide you to cultivate trust, ease, and pleasure so that when you get what you want IT FEELS RIGHT!

How do I know I can get these results for you?

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me: 

"Sarah was able to grab on to my most potent ideas, my biggest work, yank it by the tail, and sit it down in front of us, with a ferocity that THIS is now to be the reality. She was able to sense the smallest, dwindling ember inside, gasping away for oxygen. 

She made that spark of desire a reality…in spite of my sometimes, insistent kicking and screaming. She saw what was begging to be brought out into a big, beautiful, raging fire.
And then I shift happened, I felt it too.

That fire is now blazing in my life…it sustains me, it warms me, it lights me up in ways I never was able to imagine. It is burning so brightly now, that it serves as a powerful force that can blast open doors, magnetize opportunities and radiate into every aspect of my life. Things I never believed could be anyone’s reality, let alone mine were happening, and continue to do so, as if that’s the norm.

I see now, that I kept this “big thing,”, I kept, for years,  smoldering deep inside…hidden, secret, was burning away at me.

If you dream it. Sarah will know it to be truth and will see that you make it so. That is both a blessing and a warning." -Jennifer Mizel


"(Sarah) had laser focus when we worked together, and I felt truly seen and heard. She guided me head-on and heart-into clarity regarding the biggest question of my life... what is my true purpose here? Like a momma bird swooping down to feed her young, Sarah gently and directly swooped in and fed my soul with insight into my beliefs and values, my capabilities, my identity and my true mission on this planet." --Jennifer Zlacket Coach and Owner LOVE WORKS


And if you like certifications and formal qualifications...

  • Most of my clients have been in the process of building health-related solo-businesses and I have helped them with sales, internet marketing, branding, and program development, but most importantly I have helped them discover the beliefs that empower them to achieve their dreams. My clients make big leaps forward as a result of our work. 
  • Certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Certified Nutrition Coach through Hawthorn University
  • Certified in the Digestive Intensive through Replenish PDX.
  • Certified Belief Breakthrough Method with Terry Hickey (NLP+) 10 Month Intensive. Plus-Terry is currently mentoring me further in NLP.
  • Evercoach Community with Rich Litvin (Author of "The Prosperous Coach")
  • Kendrick Shope: Authentic Selling Experience-This is a 10 month high end mastermind and 1-on-1 mentorship program focused on sales and marketing. 
  • "Elements" with Christina Berkley- Online coaching foundations course
  • 7. 3 years with Holistic MBA Core, Transformational Coaching Method and Spotlight program. Coaching, Business Development, Personal Growth, again I had maximum access to Stacey Morgenstern and Carrie Peters (founders and lead coaches). 
  • Eben Pagan's "Start Up Club" Community 2016
  • Frank Kern's "Legacy Collection" including 
  • Certified Massage Therapist in CA
  • Certified 500 hour Yoga Instructor by Yoga Tree  SF (now owned by Yoga Works)
  • Certified Pilates Instructor by Balanced Body University and EHS Pilates San Francisco
  • 16 years consulting/customer service at a multi-million dollar cooperatively owned health food business with specialties in food sensitivities, alternative diets, herbs and supplements.  I also sat on the Board of Directors and ran the business collectively.

Now, if you would like to gain access the best stuff I have pulled from ALL THESE AMAZING SOURCES with the added benefit of it already being specially tailored to your field of Health and Well-Being, you will want to click here!