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nutrition, health, and life coaching

The biggest factor contributing to, or holding you back from, having what you want, whether that is a healthy body, weight-loss, a more ideal relationship, or career satisfaction, is mindset (a.k.a. you beliefs).  

Through coaching you become aware of the beliefs that are shaping your behaviors and your experience of life and develop new empowering ideas and strategies to make lasting change. 


yoga, pilates, strength

With physical strength and flexibility life's challenges do not impact as negatively as they can otherwise. 

Both Yoga and Pilates focus on breath, mental focus, strength, and flexibility. When you share your fitness goals with me we develop and strategy that will get you there. 



If you have a hard time relaxing, a good massage that simply helps to calm the nervous system can change your life and your health in profound ways. 

Massage helps to release tight or otherwise constricted muscles which not only contribute to pain, but can contribute to damaging postural habits that impact your fitness goals and overall health

The Details

I help people get healthy, get out of pain, and experience more freedom and happiness.

  • Beginning with Pilates, I learned the skills that allow me to help you transform your body and reduce or get rid of your pain.

  • Next I gained a deeper understanding of both the physical body as well as the influences of energy and thought as I received my 500-Yoga-Teacher Certification.

  • Then I developed therapeutic massage skills and became a licensed massage therapist within the state of California.

  • I tie it all these modalities together with the skills and understanding I learned as I became certified as a coach.




I believe that healing can work differently for different people and that there is not one "right" way to do it. 

For some, experiencing deep and lasting change in the body will reveal one's capacity to make changes in life; for others focusing on changing the mind, the limiting beliefs about what's possible, comes first and makes healing the body much easier. Either way, I help people in the process that is most effective for their individual needs. 

Please note: prices for in-person sessions are modified in order to increase access to health and wellness resources for clients within the Vallejo community.

Rates vary from $85-150 per hour (please inquire about discounts for packages and first time clients)

Sessions are currently conducted from my home in West Vallejo.

To learn more or to book a session call 609-817-4767 or make your appointment for an introductory session using the scheduler below.